Hey, 3 days in a row, anyone shocked yet?  Probably 🙂 I went so long without posting at all. I’ve been looking into Homesteading lately.  Mostly because I’m frustrated with work and would love to be able to get by on just my husband’s income so I could stay home. Though a dear friend has […]

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Seriously? That’s grown up?

So, late last week, I got a message on Facebook about setting up our 25th class reunion.   They’re planning it a year in advance so everyone can make it. And of course a discussion about drinking and being able to hold your liquor came up. Seriously? Maybe it’s just that I don’t see the […]

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Not so much – Yard work on hold

So, I obviously haven’t posted much for the last month.  I started clearing out another area of brush, and I have pictures of the before this time.  But the last few weekends have been a bit cold for me to work outside.  So I’ve been inside (we have the windows covered in plastic and a […]

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Calgon, take me away…

So the drama at home is getting to me.  It’s gotta be something in the air, as someone else is full of drama this week too. Instead, I just want to go on a vacation. But that’s not going to happen. Someone was watching the end of Mission Impossible: 2 today at work, to avoid […]

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